Slipknot at the Hydro

On a cold January evening, I will forever be grateful of my choice to get seated tickets to see slipknot live in Glasgow. Hard-core metal fans rejoice, clothing and ale flying all around the place, moshing and death pits, you bet my petite frame was sitting her ass down. You see, that’s deal breaker for going to see Slipknot with my Husband was that we would be seated and rightly so.

Back in July, my Husband purchased tickets to see slipknot in Glasgow on there latest world tour. We couldn’t decide whether to go or not, but as it was a once in a lifetime opportunity, we took a leap of faith and got the tickets. Who wouldn’t want to see one of the best drummers in the world? Heavy metal fan or not, I think a rock band this well known is a must see. I mean, back in the days of primary school, slipknot were what the cool kids were listening to and we all had those baggy jeans with the chains to look the part. If anything, this will be a bit of nostalgia from the days of childhood innocence.

Saturday morning, we drop Eleanor at Grandma’s for a sleepover as sadly, I don’t think slipknot is suited for a toddler, no matter whether she would love it or not. I get my hair braided at I Candy salon as when I’m out, I like my hair out of my face and able to last all day long, usually I opt for braids as they work for me. Then, a wee trip to the sun beds for a quick four minute top up on my oh so pale complexion. I used to frequent the sun beds but it got a bit time consuming, so I need to get back into it for Summer. Child free, what a better time to begin?

After I’ve got myself fixed up, we hit the road, the first time we’ve taken the new car such a far distance but it was great. Spotify on, McDonald’s breakfast, extra leg room. A little slice of heaven if you ever are to compare a car journey to heaven, that is. I however, enjoy the long trips in the car with my Husband. Sometimes, even being together in our own silence is soothing for the soul.

Now, first stop when we get to Glasgow is a quick bite for lunch as we are due to meet friends for dinner at 5pm, nothing too heavy or over exciting. Besides, I’ve got shopping to do so I can’t be bloated when trying on the whole of urban outfitters. I mean, really? Yes, a trip to Glasgow is never complete without a trip to Urban O’s. My favourite shop if you will and it always makes me feel happy as I buzz around handing Euan umpteen hangers to hold while I rake around some more.

It’s nice to get carried away a bit, even if I leave empty handed. The experience of trying on what I want, taking as long as I want and just being myself without Eleanor having a tantrum, getting bored or trying to drag me out the changing room while one leg in, one leg out is nice. Don’t get me wrong, I think about her every minute that I am not with her, but it’s nice to have some freedom.

Browsing around urban outfitters as always and we are suddenly in the presence of a lot of staff watching us as I shop around. Tried on a few bits, handed them back then went for another look around.. Just in case, this time only to be watched by staff members on radios as we went about our business. Feeling uncomfortable and not very satisfied we left the store and when leaving the staff radioed to say “he’s just left” regarding Euan. Nothing like the feeling of being watched to make you feel uneasy and safe to say we won’t be back wuth our business. Not as successful as I was hoping for, however onward and upward for some sale hunting to Topshop and some other stores around us.

Shopping done, we messaged our friends who had said they were at a local music store and slipknot were going to be there. We hummed and heyed over this, then though, fuck let’s go. Power walked the half mile, met our friends (last in line of about 200) and waited in the freezing cold over an hour. As we approached the store entry ready to meet the guys, we get in only to find.. It’s not slipknot.

What the hell? We froze for over an hour, missed out on food or a wee dram for this? Who was it?? The support group, behemoth. Who?? Now, what’s more is we had to go up and meet these guys, get photos and autographs of a band we didn’t even know, while trying to play it cool. Fuming. I mean, we waited an hour for this, well, I know what I’m doing with these autographs, straight to ebay.

After the wait is was approaching 5pm, we had planned to re group and meet friends at 530pm for dinner but we still had to get the bags to the hotel, check in and freshen up. At this stage, we would be lucky to head out at 6pm for a bite to eat. At the hotel, in a mad rush I quickly done a outfit change, freshen up and was good to go, patient awaiting news of a table for dinner from our pals.

Surprise, bread meats bread where we had arranged to meet was out the door and there was no chance of a table, the next place was just the same. Euan and I decided just to book in at a local restaurant near by the hotel and we would meet with friends down by there hotel for a drink afterwards as they were having tea further from us and we were all tired, hungry and fed up table hunting. We went to a place called Mango Tropical for quesadilla’s and a wine, not bad but I don’t think I’d return as it wasn’t what I was expecting and there was no atmosphere.

So a day of disaster, we had to recover from this before the night was set to end. A streaming nose from the cold and an unsatisfying meal, led to only one thing. A big glass of Violet gin with friends at the hotel roof bar before heading to the SSE for Slipknot – let’s just say we skipped the support group.. Behemoth! Bah! Near 9pm when they band was set to play, we scrambled across the hill to the arena for a quick search and ticket scan before once again headed our separate ways.

As Euan and I were seated and headed for our seats we waved goodbye to friends knowing we probably wouldn’t see them again that night. In a crowd of thousands, mosh pits and rings of death.. It wasn’t looking likely and after the day we had, I didn’t expect much for the evening following the gig either. My eyes were beginning to ache with the tiredness and I was in shut down mode. Sitting through the gig of hevay metal, loud noises and head banging, I was honesty so close to being asleep.

That has to be an achievement? Who has ever had a claim to fame by sleeping at a hevay metal concert without being under the influence? I’m that guy…gal. I wouldn’t say I enjoyed the gig, I was more along for the ride and as a support for Euan. I mean, it was too to see a heavy metal band play and one of the worlds most famous at that but it really wasn’t my cup of tea. I didn’t get into it as much as I had hoped and wasn’t thrilled by the display either yet, it’s an item off the bucket list, my Husband was happy, friends happy and that makes me happy. It’s nice to see those around you having fun and enjoying themselves, that brings happiness to me.

After the event, we had planned to head to a local hot spot for live music. Jintys at Ashton Lane, we always mean to head to Ashton Lane and never get the opportunity or time to go, this evening was no different. At 11pm, tired and barely holding it together was we tried to navigate the streets back to the city centre, we called it quits and decided that tonight wouldn’t be the night we went to the infamous Ashton Lane. Unfortunately, the days driving walking and socialising was just too much for this Mum and I wasn’t going to be hanging around in the cold much longer.

I had a hot shower and bed on my mind, that’s where we headed. Back at the hotel after a half hour walk, we checked in on the couple we were with but had separated from at the gig, and got ourselves organised for the morning and ready for bed. A cider for Euan (one for the road), a cup of tea, a cola and a pack of crisps for night snack and it was lights out. My gosh, I needed that sleep.

We work around 7.45AM and immediately got ourselves showered, dressed and ready for breakfast. We had planned to meet up with our friends again and had a reservation at Bill’s for breakfast before the drive home together. I absolutely had the stacked pancakes with syrup and fruit, a latte on the side and munched up what I could of it, enjoying every minute. I love breakfast and I enjoy spending it with those I love at a nice restaurant, it just sets the day off to a nice start and the atmosphere is different to a busy lunch or dinner hour.

Fed, watered and green tea ready for the journey back, we hopped into the car and enjoyed the drive with each others company. Before we knew it we were back to Aberdeen and at my Mums to collect Eleanor, who believe it or not, didn’t want to leave her Grandparents house. I think she gets away with what she wants there and definitely gets chocolate treats that she wouldn’t have at home, so it was disappointing to her when it was time to get back home with her boring old Mum and Dad. The cheek of it!

I must say, after a busy weekend it was great to have Eleanor back in true tantrum form and get back to the house to do the unpacking, tidying and sorting for the weeks activities. A Sunday is my favourite day and when you squeeze in a breakfast out, all the better. Following the drive and getting settled, we had the most lovely lazy day together, binged on some Netflix and made a big feast of pasta for dinner. Perfect.

MEETING slipknot, I mean.. Behemoth..

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