Not a(llotment) of time.

Good evening, I’m actually just headed to bed with a blocked nose and bit of a headache, nice huh? I was scrolling through old posts and thought I hadn’t given an update of the allotment plot we purchased back in September. You all know, I like a little bed time natter, so while I wind down and prepare for sleep, I’ll share a little update about the allotment.

As it transpires, an allotment plot which requires a whole lot of work and digging, a toddler who doesn’t like to be at the allotment for prolonged periods and a working week is actually very difficult to work around. Finding the free time to head to the plot with Eleanor for any length of time Is tricky.

There a few good weather days where you can just crack on and often we have clubs and socialising on weekends which take us late into the afternoon, by that point its dark, Eleanor is cranky and in honesty, we could all use a nap. The last thing on my mind is digging up weeds and sorting through black garden bags.

Although we wanted an allotment and had thought through the pros of our own land space, we didn’t really seek out the cons. I mean, I didn’t actually think there would be any cons.. Growing your own produce, having your own plot of land to take charge of,the outdoors. Turns out, there are cons.

The elements are against us with it being Winter, it’s been difficult to get out to the plot without having to battle wind and rain storms. Though this wouldn’t bother myself or Euan, when you add a toddler that hates the wind to the equation, you can bet we won’t be headed out to dig any time soon.

Eleanor gets bored easily and while I’m happy digging away, you can’t take your eyes off Eleanor for a minute or she will be off to the other plots and working her way back to the car. The lazy lump doesn’t like to get her hands dirty yet and certainly doesn’t like waiting around for Mum and Dad. Puzzles, forest walks and pushing dolls in a pram are much more exciting. Come on.

I have to admit, I’m a little disappointed that she doesn’t yet love the plot as I had hoped but I’m sure once we get planting and have produce growing, she will begin to see the wonders of gardening and sustainability. I can’t wait to see it all through her eyes, the excitement of picking berries and veggies, the happiness of growing something of her own. Until then, I’ll just have to fit in a half hour here and there as and when.

I do hope when the spring comes we can just get stuck in. Wellies on, gloves on and a little picnic packed in the car. Ready to roll and have the day working on our little plot, planting and sowing seeds so that we can begin to grow fresh produce. We have the vision of how we want our plot to be. Right now, we are churning up the soil, removing what seems to be a world of weeds and doing a general tidy up before introducing planters.

The weeds have been crazy, the times we have spent at the allotment have been focused on digging and raking out weeds as there are so much of them, deep rooted to the ground that it takes up the most of our time. We could potentially get some planters down now and begin to sow seeds for spring vegetables, but I’d like to have it looking proper first and foremost.

I have a garden bench to bring to the patch, a wee spot for picnic breaks or just chilling out on a Summers day as a family and would like to get a couple of windmills and plant pots for my girl. First, the weeds. Weeds before seeds – damn, I should have used that as my title. If I ever start a gardening blog, I’ll use weeds before seeds as my domain.

I’ll share a few photographs of the work done so far, please don’t be alarmed,the muddy mess is intentional, there is lots of work to do and not a lot of time to offer thus far. However, from the first visit to our patch up until now, several months on I can say that I am happy with the progress made and just excited to get going with planting some fruit, vegetables and flowers for our family to benefit from.

Published by Keren Ross

Scottish Wife and Mother of one. Exploring life with her family and documenting it online.

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