Hogmany 2019. The end of a decade.

With new beginnings and future plans ahead, I thought I might just share with you how my Husband and I have spent our very last New Year of the decade.

Usually ones to shy from the main stage of parties and too much alcohol consumption, we favour a take out at home and cuddles on the couch to late nights boozing, however on this occasion we met with friends for a meal then hit the pub. Not without a drama however.

On Hogmany we kissed Eleanor goodbye for the night and left her in the safe hands of Grandma as we had planned a dinner and some drinks with our favourite couple. We had drinks at home before heading out for our meal at 7.30 at Zizi, a local Italian chain, you may have heard of.

Having walked to town we sat at our table and got ourselves cosy for the meal ahead. The menu was full of goodness and I found it hard to choose a main with ease. We had calamari to share as a starter and for the main, I opted for a taglitelli with venison, Euan had the sea bass with lemon and fries. All washed down with a nice rose of course.

The dessert menu caught our eye and we shared a millionaire cheesecake, so good yet so bad it was a little bit of heaven. Having spent some time chatting it was near 10.30pm by the time we were leaving, the time our friend realised he had misplaced his bank card somewhere along the way.

Rather than forget about it and just carry on, we decided to re trace our steps to try and have a little success before giving up the ghost. Needless to say, we had no success and after phoning in the local community shops and police with little hope, we had a gin break at the house and worked on a new plan of events. Headed back to town at 11.30pm to make the Central fireworks and celebrations before a wee dram for the road.

Power walk and a lot of sweat later, we made it. By this time, I was thinking of a wine and a cosy pub mind you, which soon after the fireworks we headed straight for. First up, the wild boar for a rose and a round of jagger bombs, yuk. I don’t do shots very well, and they don’t like me either. Two of those down and I was soon singing.

Having made the last orders we finished up our drinks and conversation and headed out, well we were mostly forced out by an angry doorman shoving everyone toward the door.. rude. Never mind, out in the open, 1AM, conversation flowing and not ready to admit defeat and get home just yet, we went to an old favourite the Bridge Street social for round three of jager and Ill admit I’ve lost track of the wine count. Let’s just say more than my drinks count in any given six months. It must have been the Christmas spirit..

We talked all things children, life, holidays past and present, future plans, home and family plans and most importantly kitten talk. Yes kitten talk. You see, my friends are proud owners of a Ragdoll cat and I am working on persuading my Husband into getting a kitten, a Ragdoll to be precise so I seen this as the perfect opportunity to get some cat chat it, and try to sway my Husband (a non cat person) to turn his thoughts around and look at getting a family kitten to grow to be our family cat. Not going to blow my own trumpet, but we now spend our evenings searching for kittens. Hallelujah!

At 3AM, things are a little blurry, after finishing up the last dregs, we began the venture home it was out into the cold. Give me credit, for a mostly tee total, non party goer, I done well to survive a twelve hour party mode but as the early hours drew in, I was sure ready for home time. My Husband stopped for some ‘chips n hame’ (late night take out kebab) and we slowly waltzed our way back home.

High spirits and flowing conversations despite being way past bed time for myself, the most late I’ve stayed up since I have been a teenager I’d even go as far as to say. With all the wine flowing through my veins, I didn’t recognise the cold in honesty, I was more concerned with hopping into bed for a child free snooze and all the bed space.

For New Years Day, we were headed up to my family home for a big New Year lunch and a little party with the whole family. My brother and nephew were headed over for the occasion too as we had not spent the Christmas together. A lovely catch up was in order and definitely just what was needed as far as family time goes. I wasn’t up for any alcohol but the food and afternoon nap was spot on.

No matter how you spent your Hogmany, whether you were in or out, with friends or home alone, I hope it was a good one and wish you all the very best of health and luck for the new decade. Happy New Year everyone.

Keren x

Published by Keren Ross

Scottish Wife and Mother of one. Exploring life with her family and documenting it online.

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