Starting our family allotment journey.

Hi everyone, I can only start this post with an apology for my delayed absence. I’d give a great excuse but the matter of fact is, life. Yep, life. It gets in the way sometimes, with a toddler, work and a whole lot to do, I’ve been slacking, Sorry. Anyway, I thought I’d get back to it with some environmental friendly news – Hello activists.

At the beginning of Summer, My Husband and I applied for an allotment at an local area, we decided now would be a good time to source a plot of land of our own to nurture and grow. A hobbie for us both and a great way to teach Eleanor about the environment, nature and where food comes from. After some months waiting , a few dud garden plants on our anniversary, we finally got the news of an allotment plot available to us. it was meant to be, right?

After work we plodded over and picked our plot, a shabby looking 15A with not much going apart for some overgrown roots and left behind potatoes. We had our work cut out nut were excited for a project over the coming months. We purchased some tools from gumtree with a £20 we found on the street – Ching, Ching! All set to get digging,

Having done local research, we have decided through the Winter months to churn up the soil, remove the weeds and have a general tidy up of our new land before planting some winter veggies in planters. I’m looking for peas, bean spouts and of course potatoes and rhubarb to begin with.

Yes, we have far to go yet but with some time off in October and nursery days to cover childcare we throughly can’t wait to get stuck in and get planting. The plots have a local market monthly where you can sell your produce and meet locals which is nice, I’m not expecting any show stoppers from our first effort of planting but I am hopeful that this can become the start of a self sufficient livelihood and becoming more environmentally aware.

My hope , our hope, is to teach our Daughter, Eleanor the importance of food and where it comes from and to teach her to be kind with Mother Nature and all that surrounds us all. There is something quite fulfilling about having grown our own produce from seedlings and presenting it as meals, as home bakes to enjoy as a family together.

Never did I see the day that I’d develop green fingers – not literally and a taste for digging up weeds and frolicking around in the mud surrounded by bugs and wasps, you name it but here I am. The great outdoors rarely disappoints come rain or shine and to be out there creating our own part of the world is quite magic. I’ll update you all soon when I have some photographs to share and some seeds sown. Until then, take care.


Published by Keren Ross

Scottish Wife and Mother of one. Exploring life with her family and documenting it online.

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