First birthday gift guide.


With my baby’s first birthday approaching next month (how??), I’ve decided to draw some inspiration from such an exciting time and share with you some hand picked gifts to celebrate Eleanor’s big day.

My baby is turning one year old! Both exciting and nervous of a time, I’m so excited to see how her personality and development grows over the period of another year but I’m also a little sad to be waving goodbye to that ever precious first year. A time that I’ll never earn back and will miss sorely.

My once newborn has now become a fiesty little sass pot who loves to explore and turn an empty room to a chaotic mess in moments. My little girl who smiles at strangers and pulls me close for a cuddle of a kiss. Eleanor loves nothing more than to bop her head in time to music and to eat her dessert before her dinner (you go gal).

My beautiful baby has transformed for a frail and precious bundle to a fearless adventurer which both excites and frightens me for obvious reason. I’ll be sad to see the first year of her life out but like all things we must grow and change will always be welcome.


With a birthday such a special time to celebrate and remember, I’ve chosen to share with you some handpicked gifts that Euan and I have picked up, ready to wrap for the big day. A little early, I know but when working with a tight budget and having little time to think, let alone plan, I find that being as organised as possible is always favourable.

We have opted to choose just a few select gifts, both educational and fun for Eleanor’s development. We didn’t want to go over the top and spoil her as I’d like for her to grow to be humble and modest rather than come to expect that she can have what she wants with a stomp of her feet.

The big birthday gift we have is a rocking horse. I don’t know who will be more excutwed, Eleanor or I and I just can’t wait to see her rock back and fore with nothing but pure glee. We had always had a rocking horse on our agenda as a first birthday gift, Euan hunted Hugh and low to find the perfect match which he did eventually off of a private seller on amazon. Both a bargain and a quality item, we are onto a winner.

Secondly, I chose to purchase a personalised wooden xylophone from my favourite online store, etsy. Handmade, wooden and beautiful in every way, I can’t wait to get stuck into this and beat away making some music with my music loving babe. I’m sure Eleanor will much rather chew the wooden sticks or attack myself with them but I feel it will be good for her to begin to explore with musical instruments and get a little creative. I’m sure come those late nights with her banging and making a racket rather than music I may regret this option but I feel this will be a beautiful gift that can be kept for a long time to cherish and play.

Books – books, glorious books. I’m a great fan of reading and I love to read Eleanor a book before bed. It settles her for bed time all while can be an enjoyable and special time for the both of us to wind down together after a busy day. I’m a huge fan of reading and feel that it is so important for a child to learn and to love to read. It can enhance development, knowledge and open a child up to a world of endless possibilities. I’ll not get into the list of the books I’ve selected but I handpicked four children’s books suitable and fun for Eleanor. I can’t wait to get stuck in.

As for the rest of it, I picked up a selection of hair grips and a headband along with two tshirts for her to rock into the Autumn months.

Again, we made a decision not to spoil Eleanor and be lavish with gifts as I don’t feel that at the age of one she really needs an extravaganza. A birthday can be very overwhelming for a child, never mind a baby and we plan to celebrate her birthday quietly as our own little family. Unsure wether to host a small birthday tea or to just have a trip out together as a family of three, I’m yet to decide but have time to sit down and plan a little something special.

How did you celebrate a first birthday? Or a birthday for a child? Looking for any ideas, hints and tips!


Keren x

Published by Keren Ross

Scottish Wife and Mother of one. Exploring life with her family and documenting it online.

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