Living our best life. My baby and I.

Maternity leave is drawing to an end and the Summer months are upon us. Hello sunny spells and warmer days! With both of these factors in mind, I’ve been determined to make the most of the last few weeks alone with Eleanor, full time. I’ll return to work on a tgelree day week, so this still leaves us time together but I’m aware it will never be the same.

Eager to spend as much time together and work on her development, we have been living our best life. 8AM and we are up, fed and out. Straight to the park most mornings for a play on the swing and then we go off on a bug adventure. Living in Scotland, there’s not alenough opportunities to get out in the sun so I’ve been taking advantage and just getting up and out. Straight to it, Eleanor adores the outdoors and the play park. We have been laying on the grass, swinging and even having a turn on the big slide.. I held her all the way down. Don’t worry.

I caught some photographs of our time at the play park, on the swings and Eleanor just looks in pure bliss. Sheer innocence and joy from my baby girl. Take a look, she is fast becoming such a happy and bright little girl. I can’t believe how fast my baby is growing up right before my eyes. Blink and you miss it asp they say.


Just look at that wee face, her little teeth poking through, rosy cheeks and the sun in our face. Lush.


I’m slowly conditioning myself back to a working schedule and trying to regain a balance that isn’t just all about baby. I’m trying to adapt with the thought of not having Eleanor with me daily and the fact that she is growing up just too quickly. My baby is becoming a little girl and I am almost ready to hang up my duty as full time Mum. Of course, Mothering my baby will always be a full time job but I have to make space in my life to get back to my day job and earn some money once again to make days off Eleanor all the more enjoyable. Ice cream trips, soft play zones and trips to the farm are calling us. We love the outdoors, and we will just have to make the most of each day we have.

For now, I’m handing the ropes over to Grandma, who will care for Eleanor initially when I make my return to work. I can’t express just how jealous I am that my Mother will get to enjoy Eleanor while I enjoy the work place.. Or try to. I don’t think there will be a time where my focus will not be on my baby and my family.

My life has been turned upside down by this tiny little soul and I couldn’t be happier about it. I love her with everything and now, everything that I do will be focused around her and family life. There’s no time for selfishness nor thoughtlessness in my life, I’m all about being the best Mother for my baby.

Here’s to the maternity leave. It’s been tough, it’s been challenging and raw but most of all, it’s been unforgettable and I’d do it all over. The exact same. My heart has grown incredibly.

Published by Keren Ross

Scottish Wife and Mother of one. Exploring life with her family and documenting it online.

6 thoughts on “Living our best life. My baby and I.

      1. Yes it does … oh my at night would be beautiful wait till she’s a teenager ughh no sleep , ok not in everyone’s case but my life yes .. my daughter first born piece a cake as a teenager my son oh he keeps me on my toes . They say girls are a bit harder .. then boys hmm ..maybe I got lucky . It’s all good though. Wouldn’t change it for the world . Hugs 🙂

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