Things that go bump in the night.

I’d always said that my baby would never fall out the bed and how crazy that even just the thought of it was. That was until early Sunday morning, we woke with a crash, bang and cries from Eleanor who was wedged down the side of the bed.

Yep, you read that correct. Our first accident, not the last I am sure but scary nonetheless. You can bet that I grabbed her as fast as I could, filled with worry that she would be real hurt. I didn’t want to look, didn’t want to see her hurting. Thankfully it was all good and just a fright for each of us.

With babies, everything happens so fast. One second they are sleeping peacefully next to you, the next, they have made their way to the bedroom floor. With an almighty thud.

At near six months on, we are still co sleeping and though this was never a safety issue previously, I am now beginning to rethink our sleeping arrangements. I don’t think my heart could take the blame of a second tumble. I know accidents happen and there will be plenty of bumps and skinned knees to come but I’m not ready for that yet. My baby is so little, to see her hurts brings a great deal of upset.

It is not through choice that it was chosen to co sleep, it was more by Eleanor’s demands and need for constant attention that we came to make the decision to co sleep. We done the research, knew the pros, the cons and accepted the risks. Now, as Eleanor is a little more…a lot more mobile, the risks have increased and I know that it is time to get her into her own cot and into better sleeping habits.

Where I’m sure this can bring nothing but benefits and the security of knowing that she is safe from any potential risks and falls, I know it will be a struggle for some time. Eleanor is so attached to myself and can’t bear to be put down or away from my prescence, if left at all, she cries uncontrollably which breaks my heart.


We share a bedroom right now with being in a one bed flat, a situation I am aware is not ideal and working to change. This has the benefit that Eleanor is still close and can seek comfort from being next to us in her cot. We can always keep a close eye and watch over her. However, it also comes with the downside that we are perhaps too close for comfort which brings her to not settle without being next to us.

I’m not weak by no means and have tried the whole self settling scenario, Eleanor does not give in or self soothe,her cries only grow louder. I am not against tough love but there are limits, for example, to allow her to reach the stage of painful cries and shaking with upset, I find cruel. We have tried, it just doesn’t work with us.

I am ready to begin to explore options and try to work with her to bring a sense of independence and get her into her own bed with confidence. We have a bed time routine in place with dinner followed by a cosy bubble bath and milk top up, but we don’t get to the whole bed stage, defeats the purpose. Eleanor falls asleep into my arms, any attempts to move her brings a mass panic and chaos.


Just to report, though we had a scare and a whole lot of Mum guilt to follow, Eleanor is absolutley fine after her fall. Eleanor has been such a trooper, you wouldn’t have known she was hurt at all. We spent the day with a lazy morning, followed by a forest walk, naps and an afternoon of play and cuddles. I kept her close and gave her lots of love.

A close call which has given the push to find a new bed time system and a lesson learnt. I’m so thankful that having checked her over and kept her close for the day, she is perfectly well. My little wriggler is set for a lifetime of adventure and certified to cause me a heart attack any given day.

It is scary how anything with a baby can escalate so quickly, I need a second set of hands and eyes on the back of my head.

Does anyone have any tips for getting a baby to sleep in their own environment? I feel like I am running out of ideas and patience. Especially now after a mishap, I am more keen than ever to make progress and put an end to the co sleeping.



Published by Keren Ross

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9 thoughts on “Things that go bump in the night.

  1. I co slept with my son for 4 months and the move to the crib was not easy. It took 2 months of picking him up and putting him down over and over again until it got to the point where he was so sleep deprived we decided it was best to let him cry. In those two months I would get a good stretch at the start of the night and I remember often bringing him back to bed with me around midnight because I was just too tired to do the pick up put down thing. The good thing is once he was able to sleep in his crib he slept really really well.

    Have you considered sleeping with just the mattress on the floor? Or perhaps getting a bed rail for her side?

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    1. It’s such a struggle isn’t it, you can’t seem to do right from wrong and when you are tired, the easy option is well.. The easy option! I think we will be in for a long battle but I’m hopeful that we can get there! I will look into bed rails, we lack space which may pose as a problem but we do have the ability to move furniture around which is a good idea. I didn’t even think about just having a floor mattress but that would be a fantastic way around this as a temporary solution! Thank you. Sometimes it takes a new perspective and ideas from others to make things clear! X

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  2. Oh that is scary … I had to read the first part of this to my hubby and I said does this remind you of something ? He said oh my gosh yes when our son Seth was Eleanor’s age he slept with us and he alway boosted himself up where there would of been pillows and wedged himself upside down in between the bed and wall he was fine I woke up not feeling him next to me and couldn’t find him then did and screamed woke hubby up who pulled him up slowly by his legs he then started crying because we woke him … so yes after that we put him in a crib . So no the mum guilt …. but don’t you did nothing wrong. Actually my daughter never slept in a crib until we got her in a toddler bed she would never sleep in a crib only with us or a toddler seat .

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    1. Oh gosh, thanks for sharing your story with me. It’s so very scary and you hit panic mode. These wee tiny babes are so precious any little bump or idea of hurt is terrible. It’s not easy trying to adapt to a bed time routine but hoping we can get there and a little more safely! Take care xx

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      1. Yes not easy … sadly my kids where on routines but it just never worked especially my daughter as she grew she would lay awake thinking and so she had to adapt to her own routine .. sadly many tired mornings. … she still is not a good sleeper . Just do your best , your daughter will find her routine even if it’s dad and moms bed 🙂

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      2. Thank you! It can be tough and definitely very tiring but you learn to adapt and get by. A nap is a thing of the past 😂 and routine is not set in stone, I doubt it ever will be again!

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